Human Computer Interaction

Founded in 1983, UMD’s Human-Computer Interaction lab is one of the world's oldest centers for the study of human centered computing. With a long history of creating innovative interaction designs and understanding human performance, we have contributed to the development of applications that serve the community. The HCIL is an interdisciplinary lab jointly operated by UMIACS and the College of Information Studies (iSchool), as well as comprised of faculty and students from Computer Science, Information Studies, Psychology, and other campus units. Our current work includes new approaches to information visualization, education, social computing, mobile devices, medical informatics and explores technology design methods with and for children.

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Recent News

Assistant Professor Dr. Michelle Mazurek was awarded a grant from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) September 1, 2015. Titled “Supporting Secure Mobile App Development...
PhD student Adil Yalcin's work on Keshif, a web-based data visualization tool designed to be readily usable to a wide audience, was featured in a Mobility Lab article this Monday. Yalcin is co-...
A number of students in the Computer Science Connect Camp run by Dr. Jandelyn Plane presented their final projects on Wednesday, July 1 in the Virtual and Augmented Reality Laboratory.
Elissa Redmiles, a PhD student at the University of Maryland, received the Judges' Choice Prize in the 2015 Microsoft Challenge for Change competition. Redmiles' entry was one of fifteen finalists in...
When most people get directions, they assume the directions will be accurate and navigable. In the age of Google Maps and other geographical technologies, it's usually an easy assumption to make. For...
The University of Maryland's College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences announced May 14, 2015 that Dr. Atif Memon had been promoted from Associate to Full Professor. Dr. Memon joined...
Five graduate assistants from the department were among the award's distinguished winners.
It was announced Thursday, April 30, that five Computer Science graduate students at the University of Maryland—Ioana Bercea, Mohammad Reza Khani, Matthew Mauriello, Andrew Miller, and Shangfu Peng—...
Elissa Redmiles, an accomplished PhD student here at the University of Maryland, is working on getting more women into Computer Science.
Elissa Redmiles may have started in Chemistry, but she found a home in the Computer Science Department. After taking CMSC131, she made the switch. Not long after, she became a TA for the class, which...
The department is pleased to announce the appointment of three new affiliate faculty members: Niklas Elmqvist, Vanessa Frias-Martinez, and Richard Marciano.
Ben Shneiderman 's treemap art project Every Algorithm has Art in It will be a featured exhibition at the National Academies Keck Center in Washington, DC. The opening night, October 16th, will...