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Last First Title Location Phone E-mail Web
Samet Ayhan Ayhan Samet PhD Candidate email
Noam Auslander Auslander Noam email
Auerbach Michael email
Kate Atchison Atchison Kate Assistant Director for the Maryland Center for Women in Computing (MCWIC) 3145 57615 email homepage
Carolin Arnold Arnold Carolin PhD Candidate email
William Arbaugh Arbaugh William Associate Professor Emeritus email homepage
Anjaria Janit PhD Candidate email
Heba Aly Aly Heba PhD Candidate Room 4122, AV Williams Building email homepage
John Aloimonos Aloimonos John Professor 4475 51743 email homepage
Gorjan Alagic Alagic Gorjan Affiliate Assistant Professor 3100E Atlantic Building (301) 314-1763 email homepage
Akgul Omer PhD Candidate email
Ahmadi Saba PhD Candidate email
Ashok Agrawala Agrawala Ashok Professor 4149 52525 email homepage
Arvind Agarwal Agarwal Arvind PhD Candidate email homepage
Brandi Adams Adams Brandi Associate Director of Communications 4129 52760 email
Aditya Acharya Acharya Aditya PhD Candidate email
Karthik  Abinav Sankararaman Abinav Sankararaman Karthik PhD Candidate Room 3204, AV Williams email homepage
Ahmed Abdelkader Abdelrazek Abdelkader Abdelrazek Ahmed PhD Candidate email homepage
Daniel Abadi Abadi Daniel Professor
Darnell-Kanal Professor of Computer Science
3213 59695 email