PhD Alumni

Last First Year Dissertation Advisor
Abolhassani Melika 2016 Assignment Problems with Economic Applications
Adelman Ross 2016 Fast and Accurate Boundary Element Methods in Three Dimensions
Banerjee Ishan 2016 Event-Code Interaction Directed Test Cases Atif Memon
Bhargava Preeti 2016 Towards Proactive Context-Aware Computing and Systems
Bondugula Sravanthi 2016 Efficient Image and Video Representations for Retrieval
Buntain Cody 2016 Discovering Credible Events in Near Real Time from Social Media Streams
Chaturvedi Snigdha 2016 Structured Approaches to Exploring Inter-Personal Relationships in Natural Language Test
Chen Jun-Cheng 2016 Robust Representations for Unconstrained Face Verification and Its Applications
Elsaka Ethar 2016 Automated Software Debugging Using Hybrid Static/Dynamic Analysis
Hara Kotaro 2016 Scalable Methods to Collect and Visualize Sidewalk Accessibility Data for People with Mobility Impairments
He He 2016 Sequential Decisions and Predictions in Natural Language Processing
Huang Di-Wei 2016 Self-Organizing Map Neural Architectures Based on Limit Cycle Attractors
Jeon Jinseong 2016 Framework Synthesis for Symbolic Execution of Event-Driven Frameworks
Liu Chang 2016 Trace Oblivious Program Execution
Long Teng 2016 Collaborative Testing of Shared Software Components
Malik Sana 2016 A Visual Analytics Approach to Comparing Cohorts of Event Sequences
Malozemoff Alexis 2016 Efficient Secure Computation for Real-world Settings and Security Models
Miller Andrew 2016 Provable Security for Cryptocurrencies
Milton Leslie 2016 User Behavioral Modeling of Web-based Systems for Continuous User Authentication
Mondal Jayanta 2016 Real-Time Querying and Analytics on Large Dynamic Graphs
Nagaraja Varun 2016 Context Models for Understanding Images and Videos
Oh Uran 2016 Accessible On-Body Interaction for People With Visual Impairments
Ozdemir Bahadir 2016 Learning Binary Code Representations for Effective and Efficient Image Retrieval
Park Young Sam 2016 Active Data Collection Techniques to Understand Online Scammers and Cybercriminals
Pujara Jay 2016 Probabilistic Models for Scalable Knowledge Graph Construction
Purohit Manish 2016 Data-Aware Scheduling in Datacenters
Quamar Abdul 2016 Building Efficient and Cost-Effective Cloud-Based Big Data Management Systems
Ramesh Arti 2016 A Probabilistic Approach to Modeling Socio-Behavioral Interactions
Rastegari Mohammad 2016 Rich and Efficient Visual Data Representation
Rastogi Aseem 2016 Language-Based Techniques for Practical and Trustworthy Secure Multi- Party Computations
Robbins Bryan 2016 A Binary Classifier for Test Case Feasibility Applied to Automatically Generated Tests
Sahu Avinash 2016 Data Driven Approaches to Identify Determinants of Heart Diseases and Cancer Resistance
Sawant Anshul 2016 Computational Analysis of Intelligent Agents: Social and Strategic Settings
Yalcin Mehmet Adil 2016 Towards Rapid, Effective, and Expressive Visual Data Exploration
Yang Fan 2016 Leveraging Multiple Features for Image Retrieval and Matching
Adelfio Marco 2015 Automated Structural and Spatial Comprehension of Data Tables Hanan Samet
Ahmed Ejaz 2015 Understanding Objects in the Visual World Larry Davis
Bach Stephen 2015 Hinge-Loss Markov Random Fields and Probabilistic Soft Logic: A Scalable Approach to Structured Prediction Lise Getoor
Bazinet Adam 2015 Computational Methods to Advance Phylogenomic Workflows Michael Cummings
Chelaru Florin 2015 Epiviz: Integrated Visual Analysis Software for Genomics Hector Corrada Bravo
Chen Xi 2015 Context Driven Scene Understanding Larry Davis
Dinalankara Wikum 2015 Anti-Profiles for Anomaly Classification and Regression Hector Corrada Bravo
Hill Christopher 2015 Novel Methods for Comparing and Evaluating Single and Metagenomic Assemblies
Jackson Gary 2015 Parallel Computing With P2P Desktop Grids Alan Sussman
Jain Rajiv 2015 Searching Heterogeneous Document Image Collections David Jacobs
Kang Chanhyun 2015 Diffusion, Infection and Social (Information) Network Database V.S. Subrahmanian
Khamis Sameh 2015 Leveraging Structure in Activity Recognition: Context and Spatiotemporal Dynamics Larry Davis
Khani Mohammadreza 2015 Revenue Efficient Mechanisms for Online Advertising Mohammad Hajiaghayi
Khurana Udayan 2015 Historical Graph Data Management Amol Deshpande
Lampton James 2015 Pig Squeal: Bridging Batch and Streaming Processing Using Incremental Updates Ashok Agrawala